Original BB-8 by Sphero

If your favorite geek is also crazy about Star Wars, this gift is perfect. The perfect droid, he will quickly be the new best friend of whoever you give him to, having an app to controls his movements and learning commands and physical gestures easily. You can have the BB-8 explore on his own, or control him with the app. You can also use him to create and play back holograms, as seen in the Star Wars movies.

Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame

This picture frame has a large viewing surface and bright colors that display very well. You can also watch videos on this screen and it has enough internal memory to hold tens of thousands of photos – that is a lot of memories! Media can be stored on the device itself and backed up on their online portal. You can access the online portal using the frame as a screen and change photos that way. It is an easy and convenient way to display that which is dear to you. The Pix-Star isn’t the only cool wifi photo frame, there are quite a few more. Click here to read a rundown that covers everything to give you a great idea about the best digital photo frame with wifi.

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset – 64GB

The virtual reality craze kind of sneaked up on us out of nowhere, but it is pretty easy to get started. One thing you will need if you want to explore the world of virtual reality is a good headset. With this particular headset you can connect with friends or other people with similar headsets from around the world to join you in a game or watching something. This is a whole new frontier of entertainment, made possible by the exciting and growing technology of virtual reality.

It really does not matter how your favored geek chooses to align himself, you can not go wrong with one of these gifts. Whether he is a Star Wars fan who can quote the movies or someone who loves to show off the wonderful moments in their life via endearing snapshots, one of these presents will be absolutely perfect for them.